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Messe Essen GmbH
Essen · Germany

Modern, international, close to the market. That is MESSE ESSEN.

As a modern fair venue, we are constantly expanding our fair business for you. 50 different fairs and exhibitions on more than 110 fair days in our programme, some 14,000 exhibitors of whom 30% from abroad and one point 1.4 million visitors from over 140 countries at the "Place of Events" are an acknowledgement of our work and encourage us to become ever better.

We like to look after the tiny details just as much as the whole picture. With enthusiasm. With confidence. With lots of good ideas. Simply from person to person.

ESSEN AFFAIRS now also for iPads and Android tablets

The magazine of Messe Essen can now also be read on iPads and Android tablets. The free subscription to ESSEN AFFAIRS is available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

In both versions the magazine offers a design optimally adapted to mobile devices, good legibility and numerous useful links. The app for the iPad also has multimedia features with photo galleries and videos.

You can download ESSEN AFFAIRS for iPads here:


You can download ESSEN AFFAIRS for Android tablets here:


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