What exactly will the modernisation involve?

The refurbishment will create a clear hall configuration, all on one level, while still fulfilling the requirements for the space. As a result, a total of eight large halls will be created out of the previous 18 halls, some of which were small. This will simplify logistics and make it easier to navigate around the building.

For the eastern entrance area, a modern glass foyer with a surface area of around 2,000 square metres has been planned as part of the refurbishment, as have new eastern and northerly façades. Thanks to the distinctive canopy with its large overhang, in future it will be possible to walk to the U-Bahn underground station without getting wet!

The refurbishment also encompasses the air conditioning systems and the energy supply to the exhibition grounds. For example, the latest ventilation technology will ensure that a stable temperature and high air quality can be maintained throughout various halls.

The design also includes the creation of additional meeting and conference areas. MESSE ESSEN's new look will be completed by an attractive VIP Lounge with its own entrance and separate vehicle access route.

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Why is the modernisation necessary?

The exhibition centre is an important location for the city of Essen and the Ruhr metropolis. Not only does it provide 3,500 jobs in Essen, but it attracts around 1.5 million guests from 160 countries to the city every year, making it Essen's gateway to the world.

In order that this remains the case, MESSE ESSEN must continue to provide an appealing marketplace for exhibitors and visitors, as it must withstand national and international competition. With this refurbishment, Essen will be able to offer an exhibition centre which fulfils all the requirements of a contemporary, competitive location. Inviting entrance areas, a spacious, entirely single-storey hall configuration which is easy to navigate for visitors, coherent architecture and modern technology – this is a combination which will futureproof MESSE ESSEN.

Why is MESSE ESSEN's modernisation work possible despite the local referendum held in January 2014?

Following the referendum in January 2014, the modernisation concept was significantly amended. The plans now include the partial retention of existing building structures, but will continue to pursue the most important prerequisites for the exhibition centre's success: an entirely single-storey hall configuration will be created which also meets the space requirements of our global trade fairs. This concept was unanimously agreed upon by MESSE ESSEN's Supervisory Board in September 2014. In October, Essen City Council finally approved the project with a significant majority, thus giving MESSE ESSEN's modernisation the green light.

To what degree will the refurbishment work affect ongoing events?

The events being held at MESSE ESSEN will not be affected by the construction work, as it will be put on hold as much as possible during trade fairs and whilst exhibition stands are being erected and dismantled. Individual development phases were precisely planned according to the events calender in order to ensure that our trade fairs run smoothly.

When will MESSE ESSEN's modernisation project be finished?

The refurbishment works are planned to end in autumn 2019.

What measures will be taken to ensure the free flow of traffic during the construction period?

An intelligent logistics concept which is planned down to the last detail regulates all journeys to and from the building site, preventing traffic disruption around the exhibition grounds. Thus, for example, when construction vehicles are required to travel from the P2 car park to the building site, their journeys are precisely timed to avoid causing congestion on the main traffic arteries, Norbertstraße and Alfredstraße. The concept has been agreed in conjunction with the relevant authorities. Our infographic shows precisely how building site traffic will be managed.

Will fewer car parking spaces be available during the modernisation?

No. No restrictions are being made to parking facilities as a result of the modernisation work, meaning that all of MESSE ESSEN's parking areas are available as usual during the construction work.

During the modernisation work, visitors to the Grugapark Spa can also use the exhibition park car parks P1 and P6 in addition to the Silberkuhlshof car park. A shuttle bus will transport you from the entrance to the Grugapark located at the "Lührmannstraße" cashier's office to the Grugapark Spa entrance.

To what extent will the Grugapark be affected by the modernisation work?

In future, the northern border of the centre's halls with the Grugapark will be where the escape staircases for the double-storey halls are currently located. Overall, the northern border of the centre's halls will be moved by 8.5 m into the Grugapark. As a result of the reduction to the height of the halls to a maximum of 10 m along this border, the level of shade will remain the same. With the new façade and the large windows, this solution will significantly enhance the area to the north of the centre's halls, and was developed in conjunction with the Grugapark in 2011.

Will the refurbishment mean that trees will be felled?

All tree felling work took place before construction began, in good time before the bird breeding season. A logging permit from the City of Essen / Grün & Gruga was granted for the tree felling work, which was necessary as new pipelines had to be installed in the affected areas.

For each of the trees that have been felled, MESSE ESSEN plans to plant replacement trees in different locations and will ensure the restoration and replanting of the affected areas once the construction work in the areas surrounding the exhibition grounds has finished – including in the Grugapark.

Prior to felling any trees, we worked with the Grugapark to move any nesting boxes hanging in them to other locations within the Grugapark. A fauna impact assessment also demonstrates that no endangered species such as bats, for example, are affected by the tree felling work which has been carried out.

When will work take place at the New MESSE ESSEN?

The construction work will be ongoing from Monday to Saturday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. In exceptional circumstances, these times may be extended on certain days within the constraints of the legal framework.

How much will the modernisation cost?

An investment of approximately 90 million euros is being made.

Will the construction work lead to higher entrance fees?

No. MESSE ESSEN's modernisation will not affect entrance fees.

How large will the exhibition grounds be once the modernisation work is complete?

The total area will be around 110,000 m² once the modernisation is complete. There is therefore no change to the total surface area in comparison with the size of the exhibition grounds today.

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