Oliver P. Kuhrt, CEO MESSE ESSEN GmbH

Oliver P. Kuhrt

Oliver P. Kuhrt has been CEO of Messe Essen since January 2014. The proven marketing and trade fair expert previously held various executive positions at the Cologne exhibition centre for over ten years and can look back on many years of management experience in the international tourism and luxury hospitality industry.

Members of the Supervisory Board

Kufen, Thomas
(Lord Mayor/Chairman of the Board)

Dinkelmann, Peter

Fliß, Rolf

Giesecke, Gabriele

Hülsmann, Christian
(City Manager, retired)

Jelinek, Rudolf
(1. Mayor)

Kleine-Möllhoff, Norbert

Klix, Friedhelm

Marschan, Rainer

Öllig, Christine

Püchel, Dr. Gerald
(General Manager of the Chamber of Commerce)

Schöneweiß, Hans-Peter

Schwamborn, Michael

Tuppeck, Peter

Uhlenbruch, Jörg