Wellness centres and excursions in nature

Whether you are interested in a water sports paradise, parks or relaxation: The superb excursion destinations in Essen will make the visit memorable and provide the ideal retreat after an eventful visit to the trade fair.

Selected examples


From the exhibition to nature: the Grugapark

A waterfall rushes in the quaint mountain landscape, shallow waves lap at the long red legs of the flamingos and three cheeky pelicans toddle happily over the soft meadow green. Since 1929, the 70-hectare Gruga has been one of the most popular spots for leisure. It is one of the largest and most beautiful city parks in Germany. And best of all: The Grugapark is directly adjacent to the exhibition halls. After a busy day you can take the time for a bit of relaxation in the park.

The Gruga provides exceptional aesthetic enjoyment along with themed gardens, a spa and cultural events. The Gruga is also a sculpture park. Noteworthy are works by Auguste Rodin, Henry Moore and Alfred Hrdlicka, among others.

Spa on site

The Grugapark becomes a wellness oasis through the unique “Spa on site” concept. After a busy day at the trade fair, there are many invigorating opportunities for relaxation and exercise.

The spa is situated just steps away from the exhibition halls, right in the Grugapark, Germany's biggest and most beautiful city park. The generous opening times in the evenings, at weekends and on public holidays also allow professionals to enjoy fitness and recuperation, without having to take a leave or extended time off for treatments.

Vitality, health and wellness services are part of the programme. The Grugapark invites you to take a sauna, daydream in the brine water or indulge in other aquatic options. “Spa on-site” also offers numerous opportunities for prevention and sports training.

Lake Baldeney

Lake Baldeney is south of Essen. There are approximately 14 kilometers of continuous walking and biking paths around the lake.

The lake is not only a popular tourist destination, but also a water sports paradise for sailors, oarsmen and kayakers. Those who do not want to take exercise can make a boat tour on the lake with the White Fleet.

One stop is located below the legendary Villa Hügel, the former residence of the Krupp family. On the other side of the lake there is a motorbike club, a campsite and a marina. On the Heisinger bank of Lake Baldeney is a large bird sanctuary which, along with a protected wetland, is used as a breeding territory for great crested grebes, cormorants, herons and other endangered birds.

As Seaside Beach Club, the former outdoor swimming area invites you with its sandy beach, palm trees, meadows, beach volleyball, a surfing school and cocktail bar on the northern shore.