Essen - Ruhr metropolis and decision-making center

Essen, one of the top ten cities in Germany, is in the middle of the Ruhr metropolitan region. The third largest metropolitan area in Europe - following Paris and London - has been established in the heart of Germany with around five million inhabitants. With a gross domestic product of 152 billion euros in 2012, the Ruhr metropolitan region has become one of Europe's leading economic regions.

The Ruhr metropolitan region offers outstanding professional fields with particular investment and innovative potential with companies in the energy, logistics, chemicals, health care, information and communication technology and microsystems technology.

The university landscape of the region is also unique. The Ruhr metropolitan region is an excellent location in the national and international higher education landscape. Five universities, an art academy and 14 other universities, three Max Planck Institutes, four Fraunhofer institutes, and 40 research institutions in the Ruhr Science Forum (Reg. Assoc.) a excellent environment for high-profile trade fairs and conferences.

The center of the city of Essen in this leading industrial area and its centrality within a united Europe is a clear advantage for the economy. Six of the 50 largest companies in Germany are headquartered in the city of Essen, placing Essen in first place ahead of Munich and Hamburg.

The excellent infrastructure and the 20 minutes from Düsseldorf Airport also ensure a comfortable journey for national and international visitors.

Around 100 hotels in different price ranges, including 20 hotels in close proximity to the exhibition centre, also offer fair prices and adequate capacity during exhibition periods. A further 200 accommodations are available in neighboring towns.

In just five minutes walk you will reach the popular dining and nightlife area Rüttenscheider Straße - simply called "Rü" by Essen locals. In this quarter you will find a vibrant, authentic scene where local pubs invite you to linger.

In just five minutes on the U 11, you will reach the city centre, with a rich cultural offering, a bustling pedestrian area and numerous cafes and restaurants.

550 restaurants provide culinary diversity, from star-rated gastronomy to breweries, international specialties and upscale fast food.

Cultural institutions such as the Aalto and Grillo theaters, the Philharmonic or the Villa Hügel, the UNESCO World Heritage site Zollverein Coal Mine and the GOP Varieté Theater also offer a dense cultural landscape in Essen.

And for those who truly want to relax, the “Spa on site” at the Grugapark will impress you with its Asian ambiance and pure rejuvenation.