Restart of the fair under strict rules

Messe Essen has been waiting a long time for this signal. One thing is now certain: the holding of fairs and congresses in NRW is once again possible with a limited number of participants and in compliance with strict infection protection requirements. This gives the German Top Ten trade fair company an initial perspective of gradually returning to its everyday business. Nevertheless, the standards to be met pose great challenges for all those involved in organising trade fairs. The European Bridal Week trade fair scheduled for July 4 to 6, 2020 is the first event at Messe Essen which is now being prepared under the new rules.

"The decision of the state government to let fairs & congresses take place again is a first step back into a successful fair business", comments Oliver P. Kuhrt, Managing Director of Messe Essen. "Nevertheless, the conditions are demanding, cost-intensive and require a great deal of flexibility - especially due to the maximum number of participants permitted and the associated changes in the hall layout and ticketing".
In the coming months, trade fairs will initially be on the Essen calendar of events. Due to their clearly defined group of participants and their character as events, it is possible to hold them under the conditions now in force. "I am very pleased that we are now able to give our customers planning security and are working flat out to make the necessary preparations in order to be able to give the sectors a platform this year after all", adds Oliver P. Kuhrt. "The prerequisite, of course, is that the print runs are accepted by our customers. Because the trade fairs will certainly look different from what we have been used to so far. But I am optimistic that, in close cooperation with the NRW state government, the city of Essen and, last but not least, our customers, we will gradually be able to return to a lively trade fair business". Messe Essen is a member of a working group which has contributed its expertise to the NRW state government in drawing up the regulations for the protection of event participants.

After Messe Essen has concentrated in recent weeks primarily on the acquisition of new guest events for the coming years and on customer care, the operative business is now picking up speed again.
The fact that the restart of the fair is now taking place at a time when mainly trade fairs are scheduled in Essen is in line with the strategic orientation of Messe Essen. "Trade fairs are a supporting pillar of our company", explains Oliver P. Kuhrt. The fact that the important trade fairs could still be held at the beginning of the year before the corona crisis reached Europe had a correspondingly cushioning effect on the economic situation of Messe Essen. "The conditions are challenging but we are very much looking forward to the upcoming fair dates and are counting on the exhibitors to support the regulations now formulated".
The European Bridal Week is the first event to bring together the bridal fashion industry professionals in Essen from 4 to 6 July 2020. Provided that the industry follows the now valid regulations, it will continue after the summer holidays with an adapted SHK Essen (September 1 to 4). It will be followed by, among others, all about automation (9 to 10 September), Therapro (2 to 3 October) and the Compounding World Expo (7 to 8 October).
These and other trade fairs will take place under the hygiene and infection protection regulations now adopted by the state of NRW, which the city of Essen also follows in its municipal regulations. The regulations for the staging of trade fairs and congresses which have been in force since 30 May 2020 cover all areas of event organisation. These include, for example, a clearly defined maximum permissible density of persons on the fairgrounds, the wearing of a mouth-and-nose protection, the registration of all fair participants, the exclusive sale of online tickets, generous aisles and strict routing as well as a maximum of hygiene measures.

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